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Mere Words or Truths?

by Joseph Harrington

I have been and remain troubled by what seems like an uptick in the spate of deaths involving uniformed police and Black males (both young and old), but I’m believe that what actually seems like a spike is really a result of our modern systems of communication and faster, better reporting. While the issue at hand is what appears to be the unjustified killing of Black men, the bigger issue for me is the racism and the consistent disregard for the value and lives of ethnic minorities in this country. Read more.

Things Fall Apart: The Social Impact of Ebola

by Joseph Harrington

Things Fall Apart is a novel written by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe and tells the story of the life of a leader and local wrestling champion in a fictional group of villages in Nigeria.  Set in pre-colonial Nigeria in the 1890s, the novel highlights the inevitable clash between colonialism and traditional culture. The protagonist is Okonkwo who is strong, hard-working, and strives to show no weakness.  However, even in strength we find weakness and as Okonkwo struggles with the imposed values of colonialism versus traditional culture he learns that things can and sometimes do fall apart. Read more.

Don’t Press. Just Be There

Applying the Five Principles of Ohashiatsu to Community Engagement

by Kirsten Peachey

Recently I was looking through old files and came across this list of principles for practicing a certain kind of shiatsu massage called Ohashiatsu.  Ohashiatsu practice works off the paradoxical idea that when we are serving another person, the more we try to “do something,” the less effective we will be. Read more.

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